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Philosophers at ANU

Last modified 1 Jan 70
Philosophy Program

There has been a change of location for Michael Smith's presentation (Tuesday, September 11 at 1.00). It will now be held in Ross Hohnen, Chancelry, East Road.

Moral Psychology Workshop at the ANU:

The Philosophy Program and the Social and Political Theory Program, RSSS, present a workshop on moral psychology to be held at the ANU, Tuesday September 11 to Friday September 14, 2001. The convenors of this workshop are Philip Pettit and Karen Jones and the project is made possible by a grant from the RSSS Visitors Committee supporting short-term visits from Australian scholars.

About the workshop:

The workshop has formal and informal components. The formal program consists of 4 seminars presented by leading scholars in moral psychology. Each seminar is based on 1-2 main papers. Participants will be expected to read the papers in advance as most of the seminar time will be devoted to discussion of the issues raised in the readings. In addition, the Philosophy Program's Thursday Seminar Series paper for that week, given by John Broome, coordinates with the themes of the workshop. The program is outlined in the table below.

The program has been designed to allow participants plenty of time to discuss points of connection among their own research projects, as one of the purposes of the workshop is to provide Australian scholars who have published in these areas the opportunity to interact with each other and to facilitate their own research agendas. Accordingly, participants are invited to post 1 or 2 of their own papers, along with abstracts, on the workshop web-page. It is hoped that participants will be able to read some of the material posted that most closely relates to their own research agenda and that this might facilitate informal discussion.

For copy right reasons, the papers can only be accessed by password holders.

To get your password click here.

Need more information about the workshop or want to post a paper? Click here to send e-mail to Karen Jones.

Having trouble accessing material on the web-page? Click here to send e-mail to Karen Riley.


Time Presenter Required Reading Further Reading
Tuesday, September 11
Ross Hohnen, Chancelry,
East Road
Michael Smith Rational Capacities Click for further reading
University House
Informal Drinks
Wednesday, September 12
Seminar Rm D, Coombs Bldg
Susan Hurley Responsibility, Reason, and Irrelevant Alternatives
Click for further reading.
Thursday, September 13
Seminar Rm D, Coombs Bldg
John Broome Are Intentions Reasons? And How Should We Cope With Incommensurable Values? Click for further reading
Thursday seminar presentation
Seminar Rm D, Coombs Bldg
John Broome Normative Practical Reasoning  
Thursday Evening
There will be an informal dinner after the paper presentation.
Friday, September 14
Seminar Rm D, Coombs Bldg
Christine Swanton Universal Love - its Possibility and Place in Virtue Click for further reading

Participant Papers:

Author Paper
Dean Cocking Using People
Garrett Cullity Sympathy, Discernment, and Reasons
Ramon Das Altruism, Identity and Value: The Possibility of Altruism Reconstructed
Philip Gerrans Delusions as Performance Failures
Karen Jones Emotion, Weakness of Will and the Normative Conception of Agency
Jeanette Kennett Autism, Empathy, and Moral Agency
Jeanette Kennett Identity, Control and Responsibility: the case of Multiple Personality Disorder
Marguerite La Caze Intellectual Integrity and Conflict
Catriona Mackenzie Critical Reflection and the Emotions
Mohan Matthen Emotion and Learning
Justin Oakley Role-Detachment and Kantian Accounts of Moral Character in Professional Life
Charles Pigden Hume and the Motivation Argument for Non-cognitivism
Charles Pigden Michael Smith and the Moral Problem
Francois Schroeter Normative Concepts and Motivation
Bruno Verbeek Feasible Intentions

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