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Philosophers at ANU

Last modified 1 Jan 70
Philosophy Program
Australian Research Council

ARC projects awarded 2006

Epistemic Warrant: Transmission Failure, Basic Knowledge and Entitlement
Prof MK Davies (RSSS, ANU), Prof C Wright (University of St Andrews)
2006: $75,553
2007: $75,553
2008: $80,500

This Project will bring substantial intellectual, cultural, and economic benefits to the nation – not only by increasing research strength, contributing to research output and establishing an international research partnership, but also by deepening the relationship between the study of the mind and theory of knowledge as a traditional area within philosophy and thus helping to maintain the pivotal position of philosophy in our intellectual life. Students, early career researchers and established philosophers will benefit from access to the intellectual and institutional resources of international partner universities and there will be substantial and quantifiable financial contributions by international universities and research agencies.


Norms, Reasons & Values
Prof RE Goodin (RSSS, ANU), Prof HG Brennan (RSSS, ANU)
2006 : $170,000
2007 : $180,000
2008 : $170,000

Social norms often come adrift from the reasons and values that they are supposed to serve. Strengthening Australia’a social and economic fabric (a National Research Priority) requires understanding how norms work and revising them in changing circumstances. This project explores such ideas in relation to crucial issues – democracy, terrorism (another NRP), historical injustice and sexuality – and interjects practical suggestions into the public debate over how norms ought be revised. It also furthers Australia's world standing in political science and philosophy and, by enlisting international scholars to help explore these issues, focuses the intellectual firepower of the world on problems of national importance to Australia.

Belief singular versus beliefs plural
Prof FC Jackson (RSSS, ANU), Dr D Braddon-Mitchell (Sydney); Prof PR Godfrey-Smith (Princeton)
2006 : $60,000
2007 : $35,000
2008 : $35,000
2009 : $55,000
2010 : $25,000

Research on the brain and how it represents the environment has the potential to reconfigure our ordinary conceptions of belief and rationality. This project explores the impact of the changes and their implications.

Conscious Experience and the Hegemony of Representation
Dr D Stoljar (RSSS, ANU), Prof FC Jackson (RSSS, ANU)
2006 : $80,000
2007 : $80,000
2008 : $90,000

Many things make humans special but three stand out: the possession of a moral sense, rationality, and consciousness. This project aims to explain consciousness in a way fully compatible with the aspirations of cognitive science to see humans as a natural part of the physical world.