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Philosophers at ANU

Last modified 1 Jan 70
Philosophy Program

The following seminars were given in the Thursday Seminar Series in 2005. The seminar convenor was Andy Egan.

January 13th
Brian Weatherson (Cornell), Nick Smith (Sydney)
Vagueness workshop
Note special time: 1:30-6:00pm
January 20th
No seminar (Centre for Consciousness conference)
January 27th
Susanna Siegel (Harvard)
The Phenomenology of Efficacy
February 3rd
Adam Pautz (RSSS, University of Texas at Austin)
Can the Colour Physicalist Explain Colour Structure in Terms of Colour Experience?
February 10th
Daniel Stoljar (RSSS)
Did Moore Fail to Follow his Own Method?
February 17th
Elijah Millgram (University of Utah)
The Truth in Bivalence
February 24th
No Talk - Center for Consciousness Conference
March 3rd
Thomas Pogge (Columbia / CAPPE)
On World Poverty and Human Rights
March 10th
Frank Jackson (RSSS)
On Ensuring that Physicalism is not a Dual Attribute Theory in Sheep's Clothing
March 17th
Luigi Caranti (Rome)
Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace: A Reflection on the Realist Critique of Kant's Project
March 24th
No talk (Easter holiday)
March 31st
Tyler Doggett (RSSS)
The Tiny Dualist Faction Of My Soul Which Has Not Been Quieted
April 7th
Samir Okasha (Bristol/RSSS)
The Metaphysics of Multi-level Selection: Causality, Reduction, Emergence
April 14th
Nic Southwood (RSSS)
The Normativity of Hypothetical Agreement
Joint with Philsoc
April 19th
Stuart Brock (Victoria University of Wellington)
Fictions and Feelings
Note: Tuesday
April 21st
Metaphysics workshop: Sarah McGrath (College of the Holy Cross/Brandeis) Ned Markosian (Western Washington University)
Uneventful Causation; Identifying the Problem of Personal Identity
April 26th
Ned Markosian (Western Washington University)
The Right Stuff
Note: Tuesday, 5:00pm
April 28th
Adam Pautz (RSSS)
Color Primitivism and Color Realism
Joint with Philsoc, 4:00pm
May 5th
Philipp Keller (Geneva)
A World of Truthmakers
Joint with Philsoc - Tuesday 5:00pm
May 12th
Lina Eriksson (RSSS)
The Contingency of Consistency Conditions
May 17th
Bradford Skow (NYU/UMass-Amherst)
What Makes Time Different from Space?
Joint with Philsoc - Tuesday 5:00pm
May 19th
Jordi Fernandez (Macquarie / RSSS)
I Know What I Want
May 26th
Huw Price (Sydney)
Causal Perspectivalism
June 2nd
John O'Dea (RSSS)
The Knowledge Argument and the Nonconceptual Content of Belief
June 9th
Ted Sider (Rutgers)
June 16th
Selim Berker (MIT)
Do Particularists Even Have a Coherent Notion of a Reason for Action?
Joint with Philsoc
June 21st
Josh Parsons (UC-Davis)
Ordinary Objects are the Sums of their Parts
Joint with Philsoc - Tuesday 5:00pm
June 23rd
Jonathan McKeown-Green (Auckland)
The Real Me
June 30th
No talk (Meta-Metaphysics conference, http://consciousness.anu.edu.au/events/metametaphysics.html)
July 7th
No talk (AAP)
July 12th
Michael Smith (Princeton)
Cosmic Absurdity
Joint with Philsoc - Tuesday 5:00pm
July 13th
Jay Garfield (Smith College)
The Conventional Status of Reflexive Awareness: What's at Stake in a Tibetan Debate?
Note: Wednesday, 4:00pm
July 14th
Gillian Russell (Washington University in St Louis)
Truth in Virtue of Meaning
July 21st
No talk (Methodology conference, http://philrsss.anu.edu.au/philosophical_methodology.php3)
July 28th
Paul Griffiths (Queensland)
August 4th
Denis Robinson (Auckland)
Quasi-Relativism and Competing Ethical Concepts
August 9th
Kenneth Taylor (Stanford)
Where Norms Come From
Note: Tuesday, 4:00pm
August 11th
Mike Bruno (Arizona)
Joint with Philsoc
August 18th
Antony Eagle (Oxford)
Motivating Fictionalism
August 25th
Nicholas Shea (Oxford)
Consumers Need Information: an Input Condition for Teleosemantic Content in Simple Representational Systems
September 1st
Brendan Jackson (RSSS)
Semantic Natural Kinds
September 8th
Adina Roskies (Dartmouth)
The Illusion of Inferential Proximity and Other Grey Matters
September 15th
Uriah Kriegel (Arizona)
No Representation without Self-Representation
September 22nd
Fiona McPherson (Glasgow)
Ambiguous Figures and Representationalism
September 29th
Michael Brady (Glasgow)
Defending Internalism
October 6th
Fiona Cowie (Caltech)
Innate Ideas: Eliminable but Indispensable
October 13th
Brian Weatherson (Cornell)
Preferences, Epistemic Justification and Knowledge
October 20th
Ishani Maitra (Syracuse)
The Limits of Free Speech: Racist Hate Speech and the Question of Coverage
October 27th
Derk Pereboom (Vermont)
Consciousness and Introspective Inaccuracy
November 3rd
Alex Miller (Macquarie)
Moral Realism and Program Explanation
November 10th
Ram Neta (North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Fixing the Transmission: the New Mooreans
November 17th
Michael Devitt (CUNY)
Biological Essentialism
November 24th
Peter Godfrey-Smith (RSSS/Harvard)
Looking Ahead with Popper
December 1st
Samir Okasha (Bristol)
Where Rational Choice and Evolution Part Ways
December 8th
Ben Jeffares (RSSS)
December 15th
Peter Riggs (ANU)
Time, Entropy, and Backwards Causation
December 22nd
No seminar (Summer break)