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Philosophers at ANU

Last modified 1 Jan 70
Philosophy Program

The following seminars were given in the Thursday Seminar Series in 2003. The seminar convenor was Richard Joyce.

January 30th
Elisabeth Pacherie (Institut Jean Nicod)
The Dynamics of Intentions
February 13th
Graham Priest (University of Melbourne)
Envelopes and Indifference (the definitive solution to the two-envelope paradox)
February 20th
Paul Snowdon (University College London)
Personal Identity and Split Brains
February 27th
Frank Jackson (RSSS)
Narrow Content and Representationalism
March 6th
Robert Adams (Yale University)
Idealism Vindicated
March 13th
Daniel McDermott (RSSS - SPT)
A Natural Duty-based Account of State Legitimacy
March 20th
James Griffin (Oxford University)
When Human Rights Conflict
March 27th
David Macarthur (Macquarie University)
A Contextualist's Approach to Agrippa's Dilemma
April 3rd
Jakob Hohwy (University of Aarhus)
Evidence and Explanation of Consciousness: On Block's Harder Problem
April 10th
Jamie Dreier (Brown University)
Boundless Good
April 17th
John O'Dea (RSSS)
Phenomenal Terms are Indexicals, and What that Solves
April 24th
Caroline West (University of Sydney)
Individual Rights, Group Rights and Autonomy
May 1st
Joe Levine (Ohio State University)
Phenomenal Concepts and the Materialist Constraint
May 8th
David Sobel (Bowling Green)
Practical Reasons and Mistakes of Practical Rationality
May 15th
Christian List (Oxford/SPT)
Distributed Cognition: A Perspective from Social Choice Theory
May 22nd
Janice Dowell (Bowling Green State University)
Why a Naturalist Theory of Content Need not be Reductive
May 29th
Luke Russell (University of Sydney)
Justification, Truth and Intellectual Virtue
June 5th
Stephen Mumford (University of Nottingham)
June 12th
Jason Stanley (University of Michigan)
Context, Interest-Relativity, and Knowledge
June 19th
David Chalmers (Arizona/RSSS)
Phenomenal Concepts and the Explanatory Gap
June 26th
Jeff King (UC Davis)
Modality, Tense and Compositional Semantic Values
June 27th
David Chalmers (Arizona/RSSS)
The Matrix as Metaphysics
July 1st
Workshop on Recent Work in Philosophy of Language
July 3rd
Andy Hamilton (University of Durham)
Self-Consciousness: A Humanistic Treatment
July 10th
No Thursday Seminar this week due to Adelaide AAP
July 17th
Richard Holton (University of Edinburgh)
Can Strength of Will be Rational?
July 21st
Passmore Lecture (SPT)
July 24th
Common Minds Conference (No Thursday Seminar this week)
July 30th
Jack Smart Lecture
August 7th
Workshop: Themes from Ned Block (National Europe Centre, 1 Liversidge Street)
August 14th
Brian McLaughlin (Rutgers)
Logical Commitment and Semantic Indeterminacy: A Reply to Williamson
August 21st
Jenann Ismael (University of Arizona)
Nowhere to be Found; the Self, the Body, and Space
August 28th
Martin Davies (RSSS)
In the Armchair, Down and Out
September 4th
Daniel Nolan (Syracuse University)
Vagueness, Multiplicity and Parts
September 11th
Martin Davies (RSSS)
A Principled Solution to the Problem of Armchair Knowledge
September 18th
Helen Beebee (University of Manchester)
Hume on Causation: Causal Experience, Projectivism, and Sceptical Realism
October 2nd
Philip Gerrans (University of Adelaide)
Mindreading for Beginners
October 9th
Robert Pasnau (University of Colorado)
A Theory of Secondary Qualities
October 16th
No Thursday Seminar this week.
October 23rd
Chandran Kukathas (University of Utah)
Justice, Toleration, Peace and Reason
October 30th
No Thursday Seminar this week due to Metaphysics Day 2. (http://philrsss.anu.edu.au/metaphysics2.php3)
November 6th
Garrett Cullity (University of Adelaide)
Public Goods and Fairness
November 13th
Richard Hall (Michigan State University)
Phenomenal Properties as Dummy Properties
November 20th
John Divers (University of Sheffield)
Agnostic Antirealism About Possible Worlds
November 27th
Christoph Fehige (University of Konstanz)
Desires as Affects
December 4th
Denis Robinson (University of Auckland)
Bare Distinctness, Brute Facts, and the (Contingent?) Identity of Indiscernibles
December 11th
Daniel Stoljar (RSSS)
Advertisement for a Solution to the Zombie Problem
December 18th
John Gardner (Oxford)
What is Tort Law For?
Note special room and time: Seminar Room A, 10:00-12:00