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Philosophers at ANU

Last modified 1 Jan 70
Philosophy Program

The following papers were given in the Thursday Seminar Series in 2002.

January 31st
Victoria McGeer (SFU/RSSS)
Out of the Mouths of Autistics: Subjective Report and its Role in Cognitive Theorizing
seminar room F
February 7th
Karen Bennett (Princeton/RSSS)
Barcan Mad
February 12th
joint with philsoc
Jonathan Dancy (University of Reading)
Making Sense of Contributory Reasons
Tuesday 5-7:00, seminar room E
February 14th
Jessica Brown (University of Bristol)
Anti-individualism and the Fregean Tradition
February 21st
Hartry Field (New York University)
'No Fact of the Matter'
February 27th
Robert Stalnaker (MIT)
What is it like to be a zombie?
Note Special Day: Wednesday 27 February, seminar room C
March 5th
Joint with Philsoc
Frances Egan (Rutgers University)
Naturalistic Inquiry: Where Does Intentionality Fit In
Tuesday 5-7:00, seminar room E
March 7th
Robert Matthews (Rutgers University)
Propositional Attitude Predicates as Measure Predicates
March 14th
Steve Clark (CAPPE)
Courage Under Fire: Moral Philosophy and Social Psychology
April 4th
Hugh Mellor (Cambridge University)
April 9th
Katalin Farkas (Central European University)
On Reference and Content
joint with Philsoc
April 11th
Tim Crane (University of London)
Mental Substances
April 18th
Josh Parsons (Saint Andrews)
If we know what shape is, we know that it is a property and not a relation
April 24th
James Griffin (Oxford University)
NOTE:Wednesday 4-6:00, seminar room F
May 2nd
Fred Kroon (University of Auckland)
Pretence and the Frege-Russell Puzzles about Reference
Note special room: seminar room F
May 16th
Philip Pettit (RSSS)
Looks Red
May 23rd
David Estlund (Brown University)
Intrinsic Procedural Fairness
May 30th
Karen Jones (RSSS)
Weakness of the Will and Reason-Responding
June 13th
Max Coltheart (Macquarie University/RSSS)
The Distinction between Proximal and Distal Causes of Developmental Disorders of Cognition
Special seminar: seminar room D, 11:00-1:00
June 13th
Tim Bayne (Macquarie University)
The Unity of Consciousness
June 18th
David Owen (University of Arizona)
Hume and Locke on Belief, Judgement and Assent
June 20th
Julia Annas (University of Arizona)
Virtue ethics and Social Psychology
Note special location: Mills Room, Chancelry
June 27th
Tyler Burge (UCLA)
Memory and Persons
July 4th
Ian Ravenscroft (Flinders University)
Explaining human behaviour: US divorce rates 1965-1982
July 19th
Adam Elga (Princeton University)
Self-locating beliefs about chance
Note: Friday, seminar room E
July 23rd
Ernest Sosa (Brown University)
Two False Dichotomies: Internalism/Externalism and Coherentism/Foundationalism
Note: Tuesday 4:00-6:00, seminar room E
July 31st
Coombs Lecture Theatre, Wednesday 5:30-7:30
Jerry Fodor (Rutgers University)
Having concepts: A brief refutation of practically everything
Annual Jack Smart Lecture
August 7th
Ernest Lepore (Rutgers University)
Analyticity Again
Note: Wednesday, seminar room A
August 15th
John Collins (Columbia University)
Time and the Counterfactual
August 20th
Wlodek Rabinowics (Lund University)
Fitting Pro-Attitudes and Value: The Buck-Passing Account
Joint with PhilSoc: Tuesday 5:00-7:00
August 22nd
David Schmidtz (University of Arizona)
How to Deserve
August 29th
Moral Psychology Workshop (August 29-30)
September 5th
Michael Bratman (Stanford University)
Shared Valuing and Frameworks for Practical Reasoning
September 12th
George Wilson (UC-Davis)
Why is Kripke's Wittgenstein a Non-factualist
October 3rd
Brian Garrett (ANU)
Bermudez on Self-consciousness
October 24th
Kim Sterelny (RSSS)
Massive Modularity Revisited
October 31st
Michael Smith (RSSS)
Humean Rationality
November 7th
Rosalind Hursthouse (University of Auckland)
What Does the Aristotelian phronimos know? Or: Is Aristotle a particularist?
Note: seminar room F
November 14th
No Thursday Seminar as Martha Nussbaum's Tanner Lectures are on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.
November 21st
Michael Devitt (City University of New York)
The Case for Referential Descriptions
November 28th
Graham Oppy (Monash University)
Arguments from Moral Evil
December 5th
Greg Restall (University of Melbourne)
When Some Kinds of Things Don't Entail Other Kinds of Things: Hume's Law and other barriers to inference
December 12th
Richard Moran (Harvard University)
Understanding the Talking Animals