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Philosophers at ANU

Last modified 1 Jan 70
Philosophy Program

February 1st
Lloyd Humberstone (Monash University)
Partly True, Partly False: An Experiment in Logic
February 8th
Michael Ridge (Philosophy Program, RSSS)
Disagreement In Attitude
Please note special room: Seminar Room E
February 15th
Laurie Paul (Philosophy Program, RSSS)
Constitution and Logical Parts
February 22nd
David Braddon Mitchell (University of Sydney)
How does a theory of conceptual change solve the problem of qualia?
March 1st
Stephen Barker (Monash University)
Expressivist Externalism
March 8th
Kendall Walton (University of Michigan)
In Other Shoes: Empathy, Simulation, and the Arts
March 15th
Joe Mintoff (University of Newcastle)
Is an Agreement an Exchange of Intentions?
March 22nd
Josh Parsons (RSSS/St. Andrews)
Entension Defended
March 29th
James Griffin (Oxford University)
Group Rights
April 10th
Deborah Brown (University of Queensland)
Descartes on Sensation and Mind-Body Union
Tuesday 5pm-7pm in Seminar Room F
Joint with the Philosophical Society
April 12th
Calvin Normore (UCLA)
Persons and Kinds
April 26th
Keith Horton (CAPPE)
Aid: The Fair Shares Objection
May 3rd
Peter Forrest (University of New England)
The Mereology of Space and Time: A highly non-trivial matter
May 10th
Huw Price (University of Sydney)
Naturalism and the Functions of Representation
May 17th
Jennifer Whiting (Cornell University)
Personal Identity: The Non-branching Form of What Matters
May 24th
Jennifer McMahon (University of Canberra)
Perceptual principles as the basis for the notion of aesthetic form
May 31st
John Deigh (Northwestern University)
Promises under Fire
June 7th
Margaret Walker (Fordham University)
Resentment and Assurance
June 14th
Stewart Candlish (University of Western Australia)
Grammar, Ontology and Truth in Russell
June 19th
Julia Driver (Dartmouth)
Pleasure in Hume's Moral Philosophy
Tuesday 5pm-7pm in Seminar Room F
Joint with the Philosophical Society
June 21st
Graham Priest (University of Melbourne)
Do Mathematical Objects Exist?
June 27th
David Lewis (Princeton University)
How Many Lives has Schrödinger's Cat?
Wednesday 4:15 in the Law Link Lecture Theatre
June 28th
Richard Wollheim (Berkeley)
Emotions and their Kinds
July 12th
Gabriel Segal (King's College, London)
Meaning Holism and the Taxonomy of Cognitive Content
July 19th
Roy Sorensen (Dartmouth College)
Goethe's Colored Shadows
July 26th
Cheshire Calhoun (Colby College)
Moral Decency
August 2nd
Peter Railton (University of Michigan)
How Can Practical Reason be Theoretical?
Lecture Theater, 204 Innovations Building, 124 Eggleston Road
August 9th
Michael Ridge (RSSS)
Consequentialist Kantianism
August 13th
Helen Steward (Oxford University)
Rescuing the Principle of Alternate Possibilities
4:00 Monday in seminar room D
August 14th
Susan Hurley (University of Warwick)
Animal Action in the Space of Reasons
Tuesday 4:00-6:00 in Seminar Room F
Joint with Philsoc and SPT
August 16th
Colin Cheyne (Otago University)
Problems with Plenitudinous Platonism
August 24th
Robert May (University of California - Irvine)
Identity Statements
Note special date: Friday 4:00 in seminar room D
September 6th
Timothy Mulgan (University of Auckland)
The Repugnant Conclusion
September 12th
Joint with Philsoc
Mohan Matthen (University of British Columbia)
Our Knowledge of Colours
Wednesday 4:00-6:00 in Seminar Room A
September 13th
Joint with SPT
John Broome (Oxford University)
Normative Practical Reasoning
Law Link Lecture Theatre, 4:00-6:00
September 20th
Peter Godfrey-Smith (Stanford University)
Adventures in Indoor Ornithology
September 27th
John Bigelow (Monash University)
Bilocation, Colocation, Motion and Rest
October 4th
Brian Garrett (ANU)
Wittgenstein's Private Language Arguments
October 11th
Michael Smith (RSSS, ANU)
Evaluation, Uncertainty, and Motivation
October 18th
Wayne Christianson (ANU)
Science, navigation and gardening: how to solve open problems
October 25th
Jeanette Kennett (Monash University)
Mental Illness, Reciprocal Relations and the Self
October 30th
Joint with Philsoc
Ramon Das (Victoria University)
Beneficence and Deontology
Tuesday 5:00 - 7:00 in seminar room E
November 1st
David Armstrong (University of Sydney)
Truthmakers for Modal Truths
November 8th
Catriona MacKenzie (Macquarie University)
Critical Reflection and the Emotions
November 15th
Garrett Cullity (University of Adelaide)
Particularism and Presumptive Reasons
November 21st
Michael Devitt (CUNY)
Linguistics is not Psychology
Wednesday 4:00-6:00 in Seminar Room A
November 29th
Michael Pendlebury (University of the Witwatersrand)
Objective Reasons
December 6th
Sigrún Svavarsdóttir (Ohio State University)
A Humean Perspective on the Rationality and Justification of Commitments