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Philosophers at ANU

Last modified 1 Jan 70
Philosophy Program

January 7
John Campbell (Oxford University)
Memory Demonstratives
January 14
Christopher Peacocke (Oxford University)
The Integration Challenge and Necessity
January 21
David Chalmers (University of Arizona)
Modal Rationalism and the Scrutability of Truth
January 28
Christopher Peacocke (Oxford University)
February 11
Adam Vinueza (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Sensations and the Language of Thought
February 18
Paul Griffiths (University of Sydney)
The Many Faces of the Gene
March 4
Cathy Legg (RSSS, ANU)
Subjunctive Realism Defended
March 11
Robert Goodin (RSSS, ANU)
Bargaining over Beliefs
March 18
Jane Stapleton (RSSS, ANU)
Causation in Law: Normal Expectancies, 'Plausibility', and Normative Choices
April 1
Daniel Stoljar (RSSS, ANU)
A Trivialization Problem in Intentionalism
April 8
Caroline West and David Braddon-Mitchell (Macquarie University and University of Auckland)
Temporal Phase Pluralism
April 15
Chandran Kukathas (ADFA)
Responsibility for Past Injustice
April 22
J.J.C.Smart (RSSS, ANU)
May 6
Dirk Baltzly (Monash University)
Peripatetic Perversions: A neo-Aristotelian account of sexual perversion
May 13
Greg Restall (Macquarie University)
May 20
John Sutton (Macquarie University)
Training My Brain: Descartes on self-knowledge, the body, and the passions
May 27
Richard Arneson (UC-San Diego)
The Currency of Justice
June 3
Richard Flathman (Johns Hopkins)
Wittgenstein and the Social Sciences, Through the Lens of Peter Winch
(Joint with the Social and Political Theory Group.)
June 10
Karen Green (Monash)
Analysing Analysis
June 17
Martha Nussbaum (Chicago)
Digust and the Law
(Joint with the Social and Political Theory Group.)
June 18
John Deigh (Northwestern)
Emotions and Values
June 24
Joseph Levine (North Carolina State University)
Consciousness and Cognition: What We Can Learn from Zombies
July 1
Alex Byrne (MIT)
The Hard Problem of Perception
July 1
David Hilbert (University of Illinois at Chicago)
What do the Color Blind Really See?
July 1
Louise Antony (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Multiple Realizability, Projectibility, and the Reality of Mental Properties
July 14
Lynne Rudder Baker (UMass-Amherst)
The Very Idea of Material Constitution
July 15
Maite Ezcurdia Olavarrieta (Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas, UNAM)
Demonstratives and their Linguistic Meaning
July 22
Michael Martin (University College London)
Memory, Knowledge, and Events
July 29
Al Mele (Davidson College)
Goal-Directed Action: Teleological Explanations, Causal Theories, and Deviance
August 5
Peter Roeper (ANU)
No identity without entity
August 12
Helen Beebee (RSSS)
August 23
Jennifer Hornsby (Birkbeck)
Conceptual Analysis and the Mind/Body Problem
August 26
Mariam Thalos (SUNY Buffalo)
Modeling Practical Reason
September 2
Mark Greenberg (Oxford)
Thoughts Without Masters
September 9
Brian Garrett (ANU)
September 13
Seminar Room C

Peter Godfrey Smith and Russell Gray (Stanford University and Auckland Department of Psychology)
What is Developmental Systems Theory and Why Does it Matter?
September 16
Harry Lewis (University of Leeds)
Memes and Meaning
September 23
Karen Jones (ANU)
Emotional Rationality as Practical Rationality
September 30
Denis Robinson (Auckland)
On Failing to Agree and Failing to Disagree: Personal Identity, Supervenience, and Relativism
October 7
David Armstrong (University of Sydney)
Combinatorialism Revisited
October 14
Martin Davies and Max Coltheart (Oxford and Macquarie)
Pathologies of Belief
October 21
Cynthia MacDonald (Canterbury)
Shoemaker on Introspective Self-Knowledge
October 28
Graham MacDonald (Canterbury)
Kinds and Emergent Properties
November 11
Gregory Currie (Flinders University)
Desire in Imagination
November 18
Michael Ridge (ANU)
Non-cognitivist Rationalism
November 25
Janna Thompson (Latrobe University)
Historical Injustice and Reparation
December 2
Kim Sterelny (ANU and Victoria University at Wellington)
The Evolution of Agency
December 6
Peter Gardenfors (Lund University)
On the geometry of thought: Symbolic, conceptual, and subconceptual representations of knowledge
December 9
Stephen Barker (Monash University)
Expressivism Without Non-Cognitivism
December 16
Folke Tersman (Stockholm University)
The Argument From the Persistence of Moral Disagreement