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Philosophers at ANU

Last modified 1 Jan 70
Philosophy Program

The following papers were given in the Thursday Seminar Series in 1998. Seminar convenors were Richard Holton and Daniel Stoljar.

February 5th Nick Zangwill (Glasgow)
"Reasons and Causes"

February 12th Jeanette Kennett and Dean Cocking (Monash)
"Friendship and Moral Danger"

February 19th Jeanne Peijnenburg (Groningen)
"Weakness of Will"

February 26th No seminar - Trust Conference

March 5th Eric Tsui-James (Hong Kong)
"Empiricism without Logicism: William James, Biology and Mathematics"

Monday, March 9th, 7.00 pm Ray Monk (Southampton)

March 19th Round-table discussion on how to get a first job in philosophy

March 26th Paul Horwich (UCL)
"The Use Theory of Meaning"

April 2nd Loren Lomasky (Bowling Green) & Andrew Brien (ANU)
"Do We Have a Duty to Vote?"
(Joint with Social and Political Theory Group)

April 9th Jonathan Dancy (Reading)
"How to Act for a Good Reason"

April 15th No paper - Ballarat ethics conference

April 23rd Jack Smart (RSSS)
"Some Misconceptions about the Identity Theory of Mind"

April 30th Paul Horwich (UCL)
"The Normativity of Meaning"

May 7th Richard Hanley (Monash)
"Fact, Fiction and Pornography"

May 14th Bob Meyer (ARP, ANU) & Ed Mares (Wellington)
"Relevant Provability Logic"

May 21st Jonathan Riley (Tulane)
(Joint with Social and Political Theory Group)

May 28th Jenny McMahon (University of Canberra)
"Beauty Realized"

May 28th Peter Cane (Law, RSSS)
"Retribution, Proportionality and Moral Luck in Tort Law"

June 11th Richard Holton (RSSS)
"Reliance and Obligation"

June 18th John Bigelow & Robert Pargetter (Monash)
"Rational People, Valid Arguments: A Reply to Oakley on Induction"

June 25th Kim Sterelny (Wellington)
"Primate Worlds"

July 2nd Martin Hahn (Simon Frazer)

July 9th David Copp (UC Davis)
"The Idea of a Legitimate State"

July 22nd Marina Oshana (Sacramento)
"Wanton Responsibility"

July 23rd Don Regan (Michigan)
"'Good' or 'Good For': Which is Fundamental?"

July 30th Barry Smith (Buffalo)

August 6th Hilary Putnam (Harvard)

August 13th Josh Parsons (RSSS)
"Two Arguments for Unrestricted Mereological Composition"

August 20th Deborah Russell (RSSS)
"Constitutionalism, Republicianism, and Diversity"

August 27th Adam Morton (Bristol)
"How Not to Make a Fetish of Rationality"

September 3rd Pascal Engel (Sorbonne)
"In What Sense is Mental Content Normative?"

September 17th Jay Garfield (University of Tasmania)
"Particularity and Principle: The Structure of Moral Knowledge"

September 21th Symposium on Epistemology:
Greg Currie (Flinders)
"Sensory Imagining, Knowledge and Concept Possession"
Martin Davies (Oxford)
"The Problem of Armchair Knowledge"

October 1st Seamus Miller (Charles Sturt)
"Collective Responsibility"

October 8th Byeong-uk Yi (University of Queensland)
"Skepticism and Brains in a vat"

October 15th Michael Esfeld (Konstanz)
"Social Holism and Realism"

October 22nd Carol Cleland (University of Colorado at Boulder)
"Causal Deviance and Intentional Action"

October 28th Jakob Hohwy (RSSS)
"Fragile Meaning Scepticism"

November 5th Helen Beebee (RSSS)
"Causing and Nothingness"

November 12th Christina Slade (University of Canberra)
"Talking of 'South Park'..."

November 19th John Passmore (RSSS)
"Gifts from Vienna"

November 26th Marc Slors (University of Nijmegen)
"Phenomenal Judgment and Self Knowledge"

December 3rd Tracy Isaacs (University of Western Ontario)
"The Relationship between Individual and Collective Responsibility"

December 10th Frank Jackson (RSSS)
"Noncognitivism, Normativity, Belief"