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Philosophers at ANU

Last modified 1 Jan 70
Philosophy Program

The following papers were given in the Thursday Seminar Series in 1997. Seminar convenor was Richard Holton.

February 21st
John Bigelow (Monash)
'Business in Budapest'

February 27th
Sam Guttenplan (Birkbeck)
'By quantifying over events'

March 6th
Julian Lamont (QUT)
'Compensation and distributive justice'

March 13th
Frank Jackson (RSSS)
'Reference and communication'

March 20th
Robert Post (Berkeley)
'The First Amendment and Community'
(Joint with The Social & Political Theory Group)

March 27th
Bernard Linsky (Alberta)
'What's New on Principia Mathematica'

April 3rd
Chris Daly (Keele)
'Property Identity and Logical Equivalence'

April 10th
Allen Hazen (Melbourne)
'Linsky, Zalta & Plato'

April 17th

Rae Langton (RSSS) & David Lewis (Princeton)
'Defining "Intrinsic"'

April 24th
Huw Price (Sydney)
'Carnap, Quine, and the Fate of Metaphysics'

May 1st Sue Dodds (Wollongong)
'Land Rights, Pastoral Leases & Liberal Property Theory'

May 8th
Richard Holton (RSSS)
'Intentions and Weakness of Will'

May 15th
Michael Smith (RSSS)
'An Example of Pure Practical Reasoning'

May 22nd
Caroline West (Macquarie) & Rae Langton (RSSS)
'Scorekeeping in a Pornographic Language Game'
(Joint with The Social & Political Theory Group)

May 29th
Philip Pettit (RSSS)
'Perspectivism Without Pluralism'

June 5th Tom Christiano (Arizona)
'Knowledge & Power in the Justification of Democracy'
(Joint with The Social & Political Theory Group)

June 12th
David McCarthy (Monash Bioethics)
'Two Appeals to Consequences'

June 19th
Peter Menzies (Macquarie)
'The Metaphysics of Causation Contextualized'

June 26th
Julius Moravcsik (Stanford)
'Individual and Social Ethics Intertwined'
(Joint with The Social & Political Theory Group)

July 3rd Ed Zalta (Stanford)

July 17th
Tim Crane (UCL)

July 24th
Laurie Paul (Princeton)

July 31st
Roy Perrett (Massey)

August 7th
Simon Blackburn (UNC, Chapel Hill)

August 12
Allan Gibbard (Michigan)

August 21
Martin Davies (Oxford)

August 28th
David Lewis (Princeton)
'Void & Object'

September 4th
Keith Lehrer (Arizona)

September 11th Greg Currie (Flinders)
'Visible Traces: On the Nature of Documentary'

September 18th
Cancelled; University Strike

September 25
James Sterba (Notre Dame)
'From Liberty to Equality'

October 2nd
Joe Mintoff (Newcastle)

October 9th
Natalie Stoljar (RSSS)

October 16th
Richard Holton & Rae Langton (RSSS)
'Singer, Sympathy and Simulation'

October 23rd Ian Gold (RSSS)
'Hobson's Choice: The Cognitive Neuroscience of Dreams, and the Elimination of the Mental'

October 30th
Adrienne Lehrer (Arizona)
'Processing Blends On-Line: A Progress Report'

November 6th
Brian Garrett (ANU)
'Grappling with Dummett's McTaggart'

November 13th
Susan Mendus (York)
'The Importance of Love for Rawls' Theory of Justice'
(Joint with The Social & Political Theory Group)

November 20th
Adam Swift (Balliol College, Oxford)
'Public Opinion & Political Philosophy: The Relation Between Social-Scientific & Philosophical Analyses of Distributive Justice'
(Joint with The Social & Political Theory Group)

November 27th
Helen Beebee (RSSS)

December 4th
Liz Frazer (New College, Oxford)
'The Idea of Political Community'
(Joint with The Social & Political Theory Group)

December 18th
Martin Davies (Corpus Christi, Oxford)